Live Wedding Painting

or Wedding painting

With my brushes let me do magic for you of that special moment

Artistic, original and unique on your wedding day with your guests and special people on that big day, or if you want to give a painting for an anniversary, birthday or some special occasion, let me paint it for you.

For Live wedding Painting in Central Indiana :

  • I Arrive 2 hours prior to the ceremony to paint the background

  • I paint live for approximately 5 hours including the previous 2 hours before the ceremony, or depending until I obtain 90% of the painting.

  • Take a photo of the couple, during the ceremony or at the first dance

  • I Paint during the reception and the guests can see how the art work is going during the reception

  • The great moment!! I Reveal the painting to Bride & Groom!

  • After showing the art I took it home to finish it with varnish or resin, and I delivered it 2 weeks after the wedding day

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