About The M Painting

Mayra Espino

Mayra Espino visual artist, is the creator of The M Painting, a brand that offers a wide variety of handmade pieces. She is an artist with a contemporary and Pop style, her main characteristics are bright and cheerful colors, coming from a very tropical country, Venezuela and its capital Caracas and where she has found a new home in Indiana and falling in love with its nature and the different seasons that inspires her to paint. Since she was a child she always liked to draw caricatures, she spent hours and hours drawing, as she grew up she did not stop drawing, her inclination for the arts was very noticeable, she studied graphic design in Caracas, Venezuela, her place of origin. She is currently married, mother of 3 boys, been a mom is the most important in her live that is her stronger things and she saw the world in diferent way thanks to one of her austistim son who teach every day a been a better person, her sons giving color to the her world and her paintings too. She always has the intention of making a positive impact and inspiring others. She has been 100% dedicated to hand painted art for 9 years. In Indiana she has participated with her paintings in several galleries since last year. Her pieces are full of color, inspirational messages, landscapes, illustrations and mixed textures.